About Us

Panda Rose Consulting Studios has been providing advanced professional consulting services since 2010. In the past decade, we have developed into three primary verticals to ensure our clients get the results they need: Software Development, Digital Marketing and Managed IT. By having a team with specialists in all three of those areas, we are able to provide the full technical consulting package to businesses around the world.

Currently headquartered in Spruce Grove, AB, Panda Rose has been making a name for itself in the online marketing scene, as well as web and mobile application development.

Our software development team has worked on everything from legacy enterprise RPG software on AS400s to cutting-edge web and mobile applications developed in PHP and React, managed by thousands of users daily.

Our digital marketing team implements Search Engine Optimization to bring pages onto the first page of search engines and grows social media followings by thousands of followers.

Our managed IT team has helped organizations as small as 2-3 users to as big as hundreds, to manage their infrastructure and remain operational.

Together, all three teams have been able to help organizations throughout the world accomplish their goals within their budget.

Meet Our Panda Leads

Our constantly growing team of web designers, software developers and digital marketers is made up of people from all walks of life, all managed by this great team of developers, designers and engineers. Our environment encourages everyone to learn, grow and expand their skills regularly, and so many of us wear multiple hats (SEO, Social Media, Software Development, etc.). This helps everyone not only to enjoy their work and do a better job in the process, but allows us the flexibility and adaptability to handle pretty much any project that comes our way.

Kelly John Rose


Stefen Enns

Development Lead

Deborah R. Mullan

VP Solutions Delivery

Maxine Vincent

Head of Operations

Paul Bohuch

Senior Software Developer

Vivek Reddy

SEO Specialist

Leah Hartum

Socal Media Specialist

Kat Neumann

Graphic & Website Design Lead

Alan Wambold

Software Developer

Joseph Guigui

Hardware & Operations

Chris Penn

VP Sales & Marketing

Rachel Bush

Business Solutions Consultant

We are the team you need for your next project, within your budget, dedicated to your long-term success.

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